Glovdi Technological Innovations

We are a London-based startup called Glovdi Technological Innovations. Our one and only mission, to thrive in technological innovations. We are specialising in wearables of the future and Internet of Things. This is the first time a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove has been in the making around the world. We are determined, that, by producing a wearable smartphone in the form of a glove, we can push the boundaries of technological innovations and move to a new era of wearable telecommunications. Join us in this awesome journey!!

Our Story

As people who engage in sports, especially running, cycling, hiking and water-skiing, we faced a major problem while performing these activities: the difficulty to use and carry our smartphones. Smartwatches and fitness trackers did not work efficiently for us as these devices must be paired with an existing smartphone and while operating them multiple safety or efficiency issues can arise.

Armbands, although they protect our smartphones and can provide a way to carry them around, limit completely their use.

And Glovdi™ was born, coming from the need to use a part of our body in its fullest usable capacity to increase the quality of our training, life and any activity we engage into. Glovdi™ aims to make certain activities easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Through the openness of our device and that of the Android™ operating system, we can offer to our users more than just a wearable smartphone. We can give them the opportunity to fully utilize our device on how they see fit.